New Official Training 2018

Training sessions will run once per week (at three separate locations) for around 6 weeks. The locations, start dates, times, and Training Instructor information is below:


  • Georgetown Prep
    • [Mondays] – July 9th / July 16th / July 23rd / July 30th / August 6th / August 13th
    • The training sessions are from 7:00-9:00 pm
    • The training room is located in the Hanley Center Film Room
    • Training Instructor: Pat Kepp


  • High Point High School
    • [Tuesdays] –  July 10th / July 17th / July 24th / July 31st / August 7th / August 14th
    • The training sessions are from 7:00-9:00 pm
    • The training room is located in the library
    • Training Instructor: Pat Kepp


  • Northern High School
    • [Wednesdays] –  July 11th / July 18th / July 25th July 26th / August 1st / August 8th / August 15th
    • The training sessions are from 7:00-9:00 pm
    • The training room is located in the office conference room
    • Training Instructor: Ken Greene


If you are unable to attend a particular session due to other obligations, try to attend the training for that week at a different location. We do understand that you have things going on, and if you happen to miss a session and you cannot make it up at another location, please get in touch with the Training Instructor at your primary location. It is also probably best to contact our Training Coordinator (Marty Alexa) to find out material and other information that you may have missed.


  • WDFOA Training Coordinator: Marty Alexa
    • 240-604-1313

New Official Training 2017

Starting Monday July 10th and running for six consecutive weeks, there will be rules and mechanics sessions for new officials. New officials can attend sessions at any location.

  • Mondays – Georgetown Preparatory School
    • July 10/July 17/July 24/July 31/August 7/August 14
    • 7:00 – 9:00 pm, in a classroom in the Hanley Athletic Center
    • Instructor: Pat Kepp (410-916-0850)
  • Tuesdays – High Point High School
    • July 11/July 18/July 25/August 1/August 8/August 15
    • 7:00 – 9:00 pm, in the Library
    • Instructor: Pat Kepp (410-916-0850)
  • Wednesdays – Northern High School
    • July 12/July 19/July 26/August 2/August 9/August 16
    • 7:00 – 9:00 pm
    • Instructor: Ken Greene (443-808-6555)
  • Any questions can be directed to WDFOA’s Training Coordinator Marty Alexa.
    • 301 – 236 – 5944

NFHS Concussion Course

This free course is designed to educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports. The course highlights the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, teaches how to recognize a suspected concussion, and provides protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion.

Concussion In Sports