Membership Categories

Probationary Member – New officials. First-year officials are labeled P-1, second-year officials are labeled P-2, third-year officials are labeled P-3, and so on until the requirements to become a Regular Member are met.

Associate Member – An experienced official who has recent verifiable experience with another football officiating organization at the high school level or higher. First-year Associate Members are labeled A-1, second-year Associate Members are labeled A-2, and so on until the requirements to become a Regular Member are met.

Limited Member – An official who chooses to work solely as a clock operator or as part of a chain crew. Limited members are ineligible to receive on-field officiating assignments.

Regular Member – An official who has served as an Associate or Probationary Member and has satisfied the requirements listed below:

  • Score at least a 75 on the NFHS Football Rules Exam.
  • Probationary Members must have worked at least 35 games over a minimum of two seasons.
  • Associate Members must have worked at least 10 games over a minimum of one season.

Once both requirements are met, consideration for Regular Membership will take place at the conclusion of the season. Advancement to Regular Membership, however, is not automatic upon fulfilling the above requirements. The current Regular Members of the WDFOA vote on each potential candidate based on their demeanor, reliability, rules knowledge, and on-field officiating skills. A majority vote is needed to become a Regular Member.