County Medical Policies

Medical personnel requirements for Football games

General: The GAME ADMINISTRATOR is responsible for determining if a game can start or continue, and can suspend the game at any time if medical requirements are not met.

Note: Medical personnel hired by the County CANNOT be overruled. If medical personnel rule a player CANNOT play, it is final.



A licensed physician (doctor) must be present to start or continue a game. EXCEPTION: For DCIAA sub-varsity games either a doctor or certified athletic trainer must be present on-site.

Howard County

No policy. Normally EMT's are present but NOT required.

Montgomery County

Game may start without medical personnel. Police are present and will call for medical personnel when needed.

Prince George's County

The game administrator determines if the game starts. An EMT is NOT mandatory. Police are present and can radio for medical personnel when needed.

Queen Anne's County

No policy. Doctor / ambulance or medical personnel are normally present.

Calvert County

Medical personnel MUST be present to start or continue a game. This may be a doctor, EMT or ambulance / Rescue squad personnel.

Charles County

The game is NOT to start until an EMT is present at the game site. If medical personnel must leave to transport an injured person, or respond to an emergency, at least one medical person must remain at the game site. NO EMT - STOP game until an EMT is present.

St. Mary's County

The county requires medical personnel on-site to start a game. An EMT, Doctor, or ambulance must be present to start or continue a game.

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